What is the INSIDE in the Inside-Out Understanding?

We often talk about the inside-out understanding. But what is the inside we keep pointing to and why is it so confusing for many people when we tell them to look inside?

Imagine that YOU are lying in your comfortable bed, sleeping, and dreaming (I will use CAPITALS to distinguish between the “REAL” world and “dream” world). You are inside the dream enjoying a bit better looking, slimmer and taller body than your sleeping SELF possesses.

You see a beautiful landscape, trees, animals, and other people. A captivating story unfolds. You are noticing good and bad thoughts running through your mind and feelings within your body. You exercise your free will by making decisions of where to go, what to say, and since you are spiritually advanced and understand that you create your own personal reality from the inside-out you decide which thoughts to listen to and how to let go of bad thoughts about your work and politics. And you feel great because you understand your own creative power.

But since you are in a dream, what is the true SOURCE of all your thoughts? What is the true SOURCE of everything, including your job, politicians, and world problems? And who is the „you“ with all the issues and what are „you“ made of?

Since we understand the nature of dreams the answers are obvious:

  • YOU, sleeping in bed, are the only SOURCE of every object, story, situation, electricity, quantum mechanics … happening within the dream
  • The whole dream is happening in your CONSCIOUSNESS, which is the source of all individual consciousnesses of all characters within the dream
  • All intelligence within the dream is coming from your own INTELLIGENCE
  • All your thoughts with the dream are coming from THOUGHTS of your real SELF who is creating the dream
  • Your free will within a dream is not separated from the WILL of YOU sleeping in bed
  • Your ability within the dream to realize the true nature of the reality (become enlightened) will only ever come from your TRUE SELF
  • The character within the dream can never truly get who YOU are
  • Everything within the dream, including you, is made of the same “stuff”. Everything is ONE, everything is connected, there is no separation between objects, people, and the SELF.
  • Things that you create within the dream are not created by you but through you by the DREAMER
  • No matter what happens to you in the dream, YOU are always OK

And in a similar way that we can have a lucid dream in which we know that it is just a dream, and all is well despite all the horrible monsters around us, we can “wake up” in our reality too.

In our real life, we are all like the dreamed up characters, believing in some degree of control. But everything truly comes from the inside.

The inside does not mean inside your body or head, your personal consciousness or you thought system. The inside means your TRUE SELF, UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS, GOD, BIG MIND, QUANTUM FIELD, FORMLESS ENERGY, ONENESS, ALLNESS… That which creates everything. The true source of all thoughts that create our personal realities.

And since we ourselves are not their creators, it is pointless to try to fix our moods or choose between good and bad thoughts. We can´t. The same way the characters in our dreams can´t fix their moods. And they don´t have to. Neither do we ever have to.

When you wake up within a dream you do not stop participating. Your experience changes. You go out and play within the dream – full-out and fearless. Enjoying. Laughing. Crying. Cursing and swearing. Loving.

And the same goes for your “real” life.

YOU truly are ok, no matter what.

With all my love