The Principles Again

In physics, the definition of the word energy is:

„The capacity for doing work.“

It is brilliantly simple definition.

The funny thing about energy is that you can measure it, calculate it, use it, but you cannot truly see, hear it, touch, or smell it. We only experience its effects. Even though we cannot objectively find it we cannot deny it.

Energy can take many different forms, including the form of matter, and matter can be transformed into many types of energy (burn a candle to create light (radiation) and heat (thermal energy) or transform plutonium into incredible amount of kinetic, thermal and radiation energy).

The concept of energy is very practical and allows us to build efficient machines, construct houses and even optimize our diet. The concept of energy is not the energy itself, but it is a very practical pointer that tries to make our life easier and allows us to understand the world better.

In our work of transformative coaching, counseling, mentoring, teaching, we also have three concepts, which are incredibly simple, practical and help many people better navigate life and have nicer, kinder experience of being alive.

The first is the principle of THOUGHT:

“THOUGHT is the capacity to think.”

Incredibly simple, and incredibly profound if you think about it.

Just think of something, anything – a memory, a wish, imagination… Where was this thought or image, before you now created it? What is it made of? Where did it go?

Neuroscientist will tell you that it has something to do with electro-chemical signals in the brain, but as far as I know no one has been able to explain how an electrical or chemical process changes into a thought.

All our internal experiences, thoughts, images, feelings, sensations are made of this potential we call THOUGHT. The same way a formless ENERGY can transform into matter or specific forms of energy, formless THOUGHT can transform into any kind of mental object that we experience. Anything. There is no limit to what form THOUGHT can take the same way that energy can turn into heat, light, movement, chemical reaction and vice versa.

THOUGHT is the creative principle. It is through THOUGHT that our experience of life is created. You cannot find it, touch it, see it, or smell it. Yet it is inherent in every single experience you and everybody else will ever have. The individual objects made of THOUGHT are unique, but the stuff they are made of is always the same. There are different types of feelings, perceptions, sensations, thoughts, but there is only one universal THOUGHT the same way that there are different types of matter and types of energies, but the ENERGY itself is constatnt. It cannot be created. It cannot be destroyed. And neither can THOUGHT.

No matter what form THOUGHT has been taking inside you, it can change and it will. And with it, your experience of life will change. In an instant. You do not have to force it. Just know that it is possible. Look for a new thought, new way of looking at life. Don´t try to control, fix or predict. Just wait and see.

The second pointer we use is the principle of Consciousness.

” CONSCIOUSNESS is the capacity to be aware.”

We are aware of our perceptions and the sum of them we call the external world. We are aware of our sensations, feelings and thoughts and we call them our inner world. CONSCIOUSNESS is the space in which all these objects appear. It allows us to know them. To notice them. Without CONSCIOUSNESS we would have thoughts but did not know that we have them. Which would suck, but without CONSCIOUSNESS we would not be aware that it sucks. Isn´t it cool?

The capacity to be aware of things is always present. You do not have to do anything; it is there all the time. Whatever the THOUGHT creates, CONSCIOUSNESS allows us to experience it. All experience is made of knowing. If you are not aware of experience, it does not exist.

No one has ever seen, smelled, tasted, touched, or thought anything outside consciousness. It is simply impossible. How could we ever experience something that we are not aware of?

There is nothing consciousness would not accept. The capacity to be aware is unlimited. It is there, waiting. Always present and ready. It is not personal. The content might be different, you experience different thoughts and feelings than your partner, but you are both using the same capacity. The same way there is only one SPACE in the universe, filled with different objects, but they all occupy the same SPACE. All our individual experiences are in the same field of CONSCIOUSNESS.

We truly are one, we share the same being, even though it doesn´t look like it. Realizing it, changes everything.

The third principle we call the MIND:

”MIND is the capacity for intelligence.”

We do not know where intelligence comes from. It seems the brain is somehow involved but to say that intelligence appeared when matter became very complex and complicated sounds very much like magic or saying that if you add enough cards into a deck it will start reciting Shakespeare. No theory so far explained how movement and basic interactions of electrons and protons, or quarks and bosons created Theory of Relativity, Michelangelo´s ceiling in the Sistine Chapel or even how I remember where I left my car and know how to drive it.

I do not have the answer of the origin of intelligence. I just know it exists. It is evident in our bodies which take care of and perfectly orchestrate the synchronized activity of 50 trillion cells without me having to even think about it. I do not have to care about 200 universal constants, such as gravity, strong and weak nuclear forces, or speed of light, which happen to be set up so perfectly that we can be alive and have this conversation. If any of these two hundred constants were different by more than 1%, we would not have been here, and neither would our universe. Stars would not have formed. Planets would never have come into existence. Life would have never sprouted.

I am not saying someone designed it, I am just pointing to the fact that it is a perfect set-up. A very clever one. Just look at Earth´s eco system. Butterfly wings have amazing colours just by carrying clever nano-structures through which light passes to create the most magnificent colors that never fade. Termites build their homes in such way that the temperature inside does not change by more that one degree even though the outside temperature drops from 40 to 0 degrees centigrade. All without the use of AC and heating units. Wolves stop killing their normal prey when there is very dry summer and allow the animals to live so that they can feed next year. Without thinking about it. They just know.

The principle points to the same intelligence that Albert Einstein described as:

„… harmony of natural law, which reveals an intelligence of such superiority that, compared with it, all the systematic thinking and acting of human beings is an utterly insignificant reflection.“

We have capacity for intelligence, and in our work, we call it MIND. This intelligence is not ours; it comes from the same source as the intelligence of all living and non-living things. It is not personal, yet it takes a very personal form. We each get different thoughts and ideas that come out of the blue. The blue is the universal MIND. And we are all part of it. Made by it.

MIND is a word, a pointer. Replace it with UNIVERSE, GOD, QUANTUM FIELD, GREAT NOTHINGNESS, UNIVERSAL FIELD, whatever makes sense to you. It points to something beyond our personal minds and brains. It tells us that it is not just on us. That something much bigger has our back. And the same way that the intelligence of the body takes care of all the internal systems without our knowing, the universal intelligence is taking care of our lives. Intuition, common sense, gut feeling, insights, new ideas. Whatever form it takes it is there, waiting, always present, always at our disposal.

Look for MIND and you will find all the wisdom you need…

Three simple principles which cannot be found and yet they are present in every single experience we have. They are the great equalizer. We all share them. Nobody has bigger or smaller access to them. They are free. Unconditional.

Without THOUGHT there would be nothing to experience. Without CONSCIOUSNESS we would not be aware of anything. Without MIND there would be nothing to experience.

The way we use these three gifts, this invisible potential, determines the quality of our life. Our results. Our experience here on Earth.

Understanding these simple principles has changed my life in a more profound way than anything else I have ever learned. It is worth looking where they point.

Good luck and have fun exploring.

With love