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16.1. 2018

What is the INSIDE in the Inside-Out Understanding?

We often talk about the inside-out understanding. But what is the inside we keep pointing to and why is it so confusing for many people when we tell them to look inside? Imagine that YOU are lying in your comfortable bed, sleeping, and dreaming (I will use CAPITALS to distinguish between the “REAL” world and...

19.11. 2017

Kids Have All the Answers

My son Lukas was born around the time I stumbled across the revolutionary understanding of the human mind that points to an extraordinary human potential for joy, peace, happiness, and ability to create almost anything out of nothing. And he together with my daughter Anna became my greatest mentors and teachers alongside more famous names such...

22.10. 2017

Solution to a Bad Feeling

People hate feeling bad. And they try everything possible to come back to a nice feeling. And that is THE PROBLEM. Bad feelings and low mood are not. Bad feelings are created, same as all feelings, by thought. Left alone the thought would fly away carrying the bad feeling on its wings. That is the nature...

3.10. 2017

Normality of Human Experience

Famous quote from Sydney Banks says: “If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world.” It took me two years to truly understand the significance of this statement even though it was the first and most important line of Michael Neill´s book The Inside-out...