Kids Have All the Answers

My son Lukas was born around the time I stumbled across the revolutionary understanding of the human mind that points to an extraordinary human potential for joy, peace, happiness, and ability to create almost anything out of nothing. And he together with my daughter Anna became my greatest mentors and teachers alongside more famous names such as Michael Neill, George Pransky or Aaron Turner.

My both kids show the whole palette of abilities, skills and attributes that most adults desire. They are my “enlightened human beings” integrating both the human and divine aspect of our being into the most wonderful form.

And they showed me the way how to be on this planet, how to be in life, and how to dwell in the place of effortless spiritual well-being despite the troubles of life in the world of form without the need of self-help books, drugs or gurus. They showed me that what we seek is innate. It is our birth-right. Part of the equipment. Our true essence.

We are born one with everything. We have not heard yet about separation or (our)self. And the world is perfect as it is. Our mind is in alignment with what is. And we are at peace, enjoying life fully, thriving.

With time being guided by the loving people around us we learn to separate. The concept of Me appears. We are taught that some things are better than other. That not everything is perfect. We learn to judge and differentiate. What learn how to get a thought stuck, disagreeing with what we see.

And we feel discomfort, dissatisfaction, anger…

But luckily, we have not yet learned to judge our emotions yet. So, we just feel them. Without doing anything about them. And they pass. Quickly. My kids effortlessly return to experiencing the ever-present well-being even after throwing the most horrible tantrum in the middle of a supermarket, almost drowning in a swimming pool, or throwing up on the seat of an airplane (all accomplished by my beloved kids).

Only later do we teach ourselves to judge the feelings, to be ashamed of them, to be afraid of feeling bad. It is so innocent. We try to protect our kids from feeling bad and in our attempt to do so, we teach them to be afraid of their own experience. We teach them to lock the feeling in place by thinking about it, trying to suppress it, or overcome it. We teach them about separation and that the outside world causes our feelings. We show them it is necessary to fix the world in order to feel good. We innocently teach them to suffer and how to extend such suffering.

The truth is that all emotions come from thought. And thought passes. Nothing needs to be done. The system works perfect by itself.

We were all kids once and we had it all. And the beautiful truth is that we still do. At any moment we can understand that we only suffer by believing thoughts that are not true. Thoughts of separation. Thoughts of the imperfect world that needs fixing. Thoughts of being victims of external circumstances and other people.

Look into the eyes of a new-born and see the truth for yourself: we are already perfect and whole, we are connected to everyone and everything, and all bad that ever happens is an untrue thought getting stuck in our mind.